The Old Soul


Duane Forrest awakens the soul of all those that listen to the warmth of his acoustic guitar. He wrote his first song for a friend’s wedding and love has been his inspiration ever since. Delivered in multiple languages, Duane’s music combines the sounds of bossa nova, jazz, and soul.

Duane was born and raised in Toronto. His first album came out in 2010. It is called Apple in the Tree: The search, inspired by the search of love in the world.

Through the profits and influence of his music, Duane founded a non-profit called Genesis Community of the Arts. His mission is to send teachers of the arts to marginalized places around the globe and teach the beauty of music to children… for free. Currently, the organization is being run in parts of Honduras and Guatemala with aspirations of starting in Africa. Duane has faith that with arts education, these dangerous parts of the world will discover something beautiful: creativity.

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