The Jazzist

Carissa Kimbell is a Hamilton native with a deep passion for singing. Her affinity for music dates back as far as she can remember, and she still recalls hours of her childhood spent in her bedroom recreating the sounds she heard emerging from her cd player.

Singing was a very personal experience for Carissa throughout grade school, and while she participated in various musical theatre productions and choirs, she did not pursue a musical career until college. Studying music at Mohawk College opened Carissa’s eyes to the intimate and deep genre that is jazz music. Carissa thrived in this genre, and as the range of her voice grew, so too did her confidence.

Today, Carissa would describe her music as a mix of soul and pop with undeniable jazz roots. She is very active with her fans and followers on social media, and performs at venues as often as possible.

Thriving: Carissa Kimbell

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